Real-time hyperlocal discovery

See what's happening around you through real-time photos.

We aggregate and filter social media activity from businesses (esp. small indi's), putting their real-time news on the map showing you the best of what’s really happening in your area.

By monitoring the social media activity of over 1,000 London businesses in real-time (which grows continuously), we'll find you that diamond in the rough.

Founded by @nickawk and made available in London in 2013, try Brisk now! Free to download on iOS.

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If you're a business and would like to know how Brisk can help pull in customers to your venue, get in touch on

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Feature 1

Be Spontaneous

Explore your city. See what it really has to offer by hearing what the little guys round the corner are doing.

Feature 2

Be Social

Go somewhere new with friends, share where you've gone and what you've found with others.

Feature 3

Be Brisk

See what's going on around you. Use Brisk to get you to the action with real-time, geo-local photos.

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Available on the App Store

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